Hartleys Supermarket Expands Footprint in Lagos

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3 min readDec 17, 2022


To further strengthen its position as a leader in unique in-store shopping experience, premium retail store, Hartleys Supermarket, has unveiled its 5th and largest store in Lagos.

Hartleys, which opened its first store in 2018, has evolved to become one of the most reliable supermarkets, from its exceptional in-store services to unmatched home delivery services on a wide range of product categories which include Butchery, Fresh Produce, Wines and Spirits, Deli, Confectionery, Bakery, Personal Care, Household products and more.

Speaking at the launch of the new outlet, Boye Olawoye, Founder/Director of Hartleys Supermarket, said: “We think there is a lot of room in Victoria Island for more supermarkets, and we believe in not spreading ourselves too thin. Having started in VI, we will saturate this market before gradually moving to other areas.

“We already have one in Oniru and Ikoyi as well.

So gradually, we will start to expand to the Lekki area and on the mainland, and ultimately outside of Lagos. This is the largest outlet, and it’s about 1300 sqm. The plan is that, hopefully, subsequent stores will also be about this size.”

Citing resilience and customer-centricity as Hartleys’ staying power amidst Nigeria’s worst national and economic crisis, Mr. Olawoye pointed out: “Although it’s been a tough year with devaluation, random increase in prices of consumer goods, we also want to keep ensuring we make shopping a pleasant experience for customers. The last thing you want is for a customer who comes in frequently to see prices changing every week. We try to absorb as much as possible to further deepen the loyalty with the customer, yet it’s been tough. But we are here to stay.”

Yewande Zaccheus, Chairman, Hartleys, who spoke on the company’s plans for 2023, disclosed that they will be focusing on e-commerce and expansion to the Lagos mainland.

“Next year we also want to focus on our online shopping, and we also want to begin to deliver to customers who make orders online. Those are some of the things that we plan to do for our customers.

“We have plans to expand to the mainland. Unfortunately, we slowed down our expansion plans this year because of a lot of things that took place. We are aggressively looking at Ikeja to start with. Customers can look forward to seeing more stores around them,” she revealed.

Reiterating the company’s commitment to continually excite and reward its loyal customers, the chairman added: “We want to make sure we always give our customers an excellent experience. The first thing we are going to be doing is a loyalty system. If you have a Hartleys loyalty card, whenever you come, whichever of our branches you go into, you can get a discount.

“And then, of course, you see how beautiful our stores are. We want to always make sure our stores are at the level of supermarkets that are of high quality anywhere in the world. I am proud of our new addition to the Hartleys family.

“We ensure that our stores are well stocked, and we never sell expired products. So, you can always be sure of quality, and of our price points. Of course, we all know what the foreign exchange is saying, and a lot of our stuff is imported. But we still ensure that we have a price point that is sensitive to the financial situation of the country.”

Established in 2018, Hartleys has maintained an enviable position as a leader in its category, continually offering its customers unique in-store shopping experiences and the continuous delivery of high-quality products.

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